Easy Manicure at home

“Nothing improves your mood like a manicure.”

Women are believed to be the most precious creation of God. This saying has quite more importance when it appears to Indian Society….as every women is compared to ”Goddess Durga — An Almighty Goddess with 10 hands” recognising every strong character of a woman. ”Hands” are the most responsible parts of one…isn’t?? Imagine if those hands does not get proper care… then?
Well, Its not that hard to take care of our beautiful hands.
Today I am providing some easy steps through which one can easily do manicure on their own at home. So lets get started..

What we will need :

    1. A tub of luke warm water
2. Any type of Facial Cleanser
3. Any antibiotic fluid ( Dettol/Savlon)
4. Nail Cutter and Filer
5. Any natural scrubber
6. A nourishing lotion basically moisturisers
7. Lastly a soft towel and a nail colour

Manicure Steps :

1. Take a tub 1/4th of luke warm water.
2. Add 1tsp of dettol on the tub. Adding an antiseptic lotion will work as a protective shield for the skin and will help further to avoid rashes on hands.
3. Add 2tbsp of Cleanser on it. Many people add shampoo instead of cleanser but Shampoo contains Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate which are hard detergent and decrease the pH level of skin and obviously scalp and hands are not same. Hands have a very soft skin outer layer for which Facial cleanser are perfect.
4. Soak your hands on the water for 10-15 minutes. This will soften the dead skin cells and will make easier to clean the skin pores. Rub your hands to remove dirt after soaking.
5.Using a nail cutter and filer, shape up the nails according to choice
6. Now remove the tub and apply the scrub on your wet palms. Scrub your hands clockwise applying a little pressure for 3-5 minutes. Scrubbing helps to exfoliate the skin pores properly.
7. Wash off your hands with cold water and wipe them slowly using a soft towel.
8. Moisturise your hands with any milk based soft nourishing lotion. Gently massage. Milk based lotion prove to be the best moisturisers as it contains lactic acids which help to soften skin.
9. Lastly Apply the nail colour according to your choice. And done!!! You are all set to flaunt your hands confidently.

So this was all for today. If you want to get updates on more such home remedies, you could ask your question on the comment column or you can mail me and ask your questions at bhavnamukherji@gmail.com . I’ll be coming shortly with more blogs on beauty hacks, food and styling tips. Please don’t forget to follow me. Till then bubbye… Stay Connected. 😊

Annnnnddddd here goes the pictures of my own personal manicure which I did some time back! 🙂


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